Fuzzy Open Mapping and Fuzzy Closed Graph Theorems in Fuzzy Length Space

  • Raghad I. Sabri University of Technology
Keywords: Fuzzy Point, Fuzzy Length Space, Fuzzy Cauchy Sequence, Linear operator.


The theory of fuzzy set includes many aspects that regard important and significant in different fields of science and engineering in addition to there applications. Fuzzy metric and fuzzy normed spaces are essential structures in the fuzzy set theory. The concept of fuzzy length space has been given analogously and the properties of this space are studied few years ago. In this work, the definition of a fuzzy open linear operator is presented for the first time and the fuzzy Barise theorem is established to prove the fuzzy open mapping theorem in a fuzzy length space. Finally, the definition of a fuzzy closed linear operator on fuzzy length space is introduced to prove the fuzzy closed graph theorem.    


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