Evaluation effect of Pleurotus ostreatus on some virulence factors in Aspergillus spp

Detection of virulance factors for some types of Aspergillus sp and comparison the effect of Pleurotus ostreatus filter and some antifungal drugs on the growth of these fungi

  • Walaa Yas Lahmood college of science / university of Al-Qadisiyah
Keywords: Aspergillus sp ,virulence factors , Pleurotus ostreatus, antifungal drugs


This study include isolation of some types of Aspergillus sp from different sources such as ( soil, vegetables), three types appeared; Aspergillus fumegates , Aspergillus nidulans and Aspergillus ochracaeus ,then  tested the virulence factors of these fungi such as production of these enzymes (proteinase ,phospholipase ,heamolycin ,lipase and urease ) , the three types give positive result for production of  phospholipase ,heamolycin  ,lipase and urease; the enzyme proteinase product only from A. ochracaeus .also tested the inhibitory effect of  the Pleurotus ostreatus  filter in concentration 30%  and some antifungal drugs ( Fluconazole , miconazole and nystatin ) in concentration 20%  on the radial growth of these fungi and found that the fungus filter and antifungal drugs have high inhibitory effect on growth


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