The Cyclic Decomposition Of cf(Q_14×C_2p)/ R ̅(Q_14×C_2p)

  • Naseer Albakaa University of kufa
  • Habeeb Kareem Al-Bdairi
  • Neeran Tahir Abd Alameer
Keywords: matrix representation, character tables, Quaternion groups, the cyclic decomposition of group.


. In this paper, we propose the cyclic decomposition of the factor group , and the group  is Z-valued class functions of the direct product group  under the operation of addition, and  is the subgroup of the generalized characters of the group .Then   is an abelian factor group denoted by  where  is the quaternion group of order  and  is the cyclic  group of order . Also, we find the  rational  valued  characters  table  of  the  group  when  and   prime  numbers and  is  given  as  follows :




and find the cyclic decomposition of  group  in this paper and prove that





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Albakaa, N., Habeeb Kareem Al-Bdairi, & Tahir Abd Alameer, N. (2022). The Cyclic Decomposition Of cf(Q_14×C_2p)/ R ̅(Q_14×C_2p) . Al-Qadisiyah Journal of Pure Science, 27(1), Math 41-50.

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