Publishing Fees


 Al-Qadisiyah Journal of Pure Science (QJPS)   is a self-supporting journal and does not receive funding from any private or government institution/ organization. QJPS  is solely financed by the fees received from the authors.

1- Fees are free for researchers from outside Iraq.

2- The publication processing fees for the Iraqi author about (90) thousand Iraqi Dinar (ID). Thus, the fees should cover the cost of plagiarism checking, reviewers, and the publication charge. A fee is taken in two stages; Part one (Article Submission Charges) when submission of the manuscripts (50% of the fee, and not get back) use to cover plagiarism checking, and reviewers payment. The second part {Article Processing Charges (APCs)} is taking after the paper is accepted for publication. When a paper is accepted for publication the author is issued with an invoice for payment of a publication processing fee.

3- Fees are going to be reduced to 50% in case one of the researchers is from outside Iraq .

4- Fees are to be paid through Zain cash on the manager's phone , 07821338166.